Every story has two sides

Thank you For Reading…

This blog is my story, the story of growing up, the story of learning to love myself, the story of loss, and really the story of my first love. It takes a round about way of getting there because no story is linear, there are variables and side stories, but I promise they all connect. If you start at the first post and read through them it will make sense, but my hope is that you can pop into any of the letters and find some comfort in a familiar story or some laughter in some of the, I hope, relatable situations that I got myself into.

Each post is a letter, it may not seem like a letter, but it is. It’s a letter to younger me, a letter to a family member, a letter to the person I loved, it’s a letter that I am putting out in the void in hopes that it connects with someone.

Now the important part – every story has three sides. Each person has their side and somewhere in the middle is the truth. This is my side. Some names are changed for privacy. The stories themselves, they are true to me.

I hope that these letters bring an escape for you, bring you comfort, bring you joy. I hope these love letters to my past make you feel less alone.

To start at the beginning, start here.

Thank you for reading.

– Tori