The next morning we woke up in Barcelona, unloaded ourselves from the train and took a car immediately to our hotel. We were both sick still and weak, but we only had three nights in Barcelona and wanted to make the most of it but doing anything was way too much for us to handle. So, we slept through our first night and day and only went out for dinner the second night in the city. 

After sleeping the through two nights and one full day in Barcelona, the second day in the city we agreed that we had to go out and see the sights or we would never enjoy it. We tried to settle our stomachs as we slowly strolled through the streets. It was nothing like my mom or I expected, it was modern and didn’t look anything like we had pictured or seen in guide books. That was when we turned a corner and saw a cathedral designed by Antonio Gaudí, it was amazing. 

We walked through the cathedral enjoying that we were now walking on cobble and brick streets too small for cars and full of shops and restaurants. It was exactly what we had wanted, we enjoyed it for a couple of hours before we both agreed we needed to lay down again and went to our hotel room agreeing to spend our last day in the city in this area. 

Battling through the food poisoning the beauty of Barcelona and Antonio Gaudí’s architecture was worth powering through.

The next day we woke up feeling much better and went immediately back to where we had been surrounded by amazing Gaudí architecture and enjoying all of the shops and restaurants in the area. We both wished out loud that we had not been so sick and could have enjoyed the city the entire time we were here, but the hilarity of the disaster that we left behind and the bond that comes from two people being extremely sick together made the disappointment into a joke and an agreement that at some point, we would come back and enjoy the city and Spain without food poisoning. We spent what felt like no time in Barcelona because our food poisoning held us captive to it’s requirements. It was bitter sweet to know we were leaving Barcelona without experiencing everything the city and Spain had to offer, but I was one more day to seeing to and talking to Jake, and that excitement was pushing through my disappointment.

Waking up the next day we went to the train station, again, but this time heading to Paris for our last night on vacation after a 7 hour train ride. We played cards and talked about our favorite parts of the trip recounting everything we saw and what was our favorite part. Mine was still Sacré-Cœur and hers was everything Paris and her painting. 

We reached Paris and shortly after our hotel. Immediately, we went and just enjoyed walking the streets together still talking about how amazing the area was we were enjoying our last night in this magical area, experiencing everything we could for the last time. In the back of my mind the notion that soon I would be home with Jake was there and kept trying to take over all of my thoughts. For the first time however, my mind was also telling me that I should be enjoying these moments and I was sad that so much of my time my mind had been thinking about him and not in the moment.

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