After seeing and experiencing Paris (as much as you can in 4 days), my mom had scheduled for us to travel to Nice and Monte Carlo. I had no idea what to expect, but  was excited to see another city in France, kind of. Really, I wasn’t ready to leave Paris, but I don’t know if anyone ever is. 

My mom and I made it to the train station with all our luggage in tow, looking at the different train schedules, trying to figure out what platform our train was on and when it was leaving. My mom was becoming frantic that we were going to miss our train. After double and triple checking our tickets against the platform I figured out where we were supposed to go and power walked with my mom in the direction of  our train which, considenly, was leaving in 15 minutes. 

The train was gorgeous as we sat in the dining car and watched the countryside travel by out the window. It was a 7 hour train ride and we spent most of it playing cards and making small talk. 

The trip was smooth sailing and felt faster than 7 hours, not by much , but anything was a win.  We got to our hotel and I was quickly happily surprised that we were on a beach. Our hotel was the exact opposite of our hotel in Paris, it was modern and had no French charm, with black out motorized curtains a lot of room and two big beds. I loved it and my mom hated it. It didn’t feel like France, it could have been a hotel in the United States, it was nothing special. I disagreed, in silence, thinking it was really special while noting exactly where the phone was and were mom put the prepaid card. 

That night we were eating from a food stand and walking around the city. It wasn’t long until we were back to the hotel, which was fine, I was tired from traveling all day and all the conversation were I had to ensure I was saying the right thing.  

The next day when I woke up my mom had left the hotel room with a note that said she was outside at the restaurant on the beach. I took advantage of the little time I had alone and called Jake, I have no time it was in Colorado when I called him, but he didn’t answer. I left him a quick message telling him how much I loved him and missed him. I noted in my mental countdown that we were one night closer to getting home. Determined to enjoy my time, I got dressed and walked down to meet my mom on the beach. 

She was easily spotted, sitting at a table by herself. Her glances shot daggers at me. I immediately knew that she was upset that I had slept in. 

“Glad you’re awake.” 

“Thanks for letting me sleep.” 

“We lost most of the day, I already ate, but if you are hungry go ahead and order.” 

I ordered food and sat staring at my mom who was obviously annoyed. 

“What’s the plan for today?” I said in my friendliest and apologetic voice. I knew better than to ask if she was mad, she would say no and then stop talking to me for the rest of the day. 

“Well, since today is almost tonight, I figured we would go walk around, we can get dinner and just see the city.” 

“Sounds great!” Hadn’t we done that last night I thought, but didn’t say anything. 

I ate as quickly as I could  to not let the day go any longer with her not getting to do anything. As soon as I ate, we left the restaurant and headed into town. We walked up to this beautiful little castle that was used as a fort at one time and walked around the area. It was gorgeous and had breathtaking views of the city and beach below. 

The entire beach was decorated looking like winter a wonderland. It was covered in ice rinks, snowmen, places to buy snow cones, ice cream, and hot chocolate. It was beautiful and confusing being on the warm beach but surrounded by winter. We walked through the scene as the sun began to set and turning our attention back to the city. 

In the city mom started  walking into every single art gallery that she saw falling in love with every art piece. Each gallery was a 45 minute minimum experience, I was miserable but plastered a smile on my face for my mom’s sake. 

Posing for one of the many pictures my mom had us take with the artist. Annoyed, hungry, and ready to leave, this was the best smile I could muster.

We walked into one small studio that had pictures of sail boats on every wall. My mom started talking to a man who was working at the studio and we quickly learned he was the artist. Elated at the fact that she was talking to the artist, my mom spent hours looking at all the paintings and talking to him  until she finally decided which one she wanted to take home. She picked the painting out, thanked him, made sure we got multiple pictures with him, and we left the shop in hopes of finding food. After the time we spent in the shop the restaurants were closing and the city was crawling to a close. We stumbled upon a cart and got food from them while mom stored her painting under her arm. She never let go even as we ate and as soon as we finished our food we walked back to our hotel where my mom safely stored her new painting. 

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