Paris is magic. I was missing Jake, but every corner something new and amazing happened or came into view. 

My mom and I had finished an amazing dinner at what I assumed was a stumbled upon restaurant, but I should have known it was pulled out of the Zagat guide by my mom. We finished dinner and we suddenly started to walk into the cold evening air. 

All I wanted was to see the Eiffel Tower up close. We hadn’t been there yet and it was the main thing I wanted to see. My mom was happy to oblige as we set off to figure out how to get there from where we were. It didn’t take us too long of looking at the map to realize that we needed to take the subway. We walked down the steps underneath a green light to the subway and started staring at the different colored lines trying to pinpoint where we were and where the Eiffel Tower was. It took awhile for us to figure it out, but eventually we were mediumly confident that we had figured out how to get where we were going and stepped into the subway car. 

It was around 8:45 when we got to what we were sure was our stop and we saw the Eiffel Tower peaking up into the sky, we walked that direction with determination. I kept reminding myself to look at my surroundings as I was just looking at the top of the tower piercing the sky. 

When we finally reached the open area I ran up to the Eiffel Tower, amazed that I was standing so close to what I’ve seen and envisioned being at for so long. I didn’t stop running and went straight to the middle of the Eiffel Tower to look up from the middle.Right as I looked up at the tower from the center the entire Tower started glittering. It had struck 9pm right at the exact moment that I stood there, and although this was a nightly thing, to me it felt like it was happening just for me. I stood there for what felt like forever until my mom called me back. 

“My camera broke,” the disappointment was visible in her eyes and I knew immediately that I needed to calm her down or this was going to derail her happiness. 

“That’s ok! We can get a new one tomorrow.” 

“But we won’t have pictures of this. Look how amazing and we don’t have any pictures.” 

“That’s ok! We are enjoying the moment.” 

My face of joy after helping my mom buy a camera in French. Also the first picture on the new camera!

The next morning my mom woke up with a plan, get a camera, that was it. We walked along the streets looking at different stores and hoping to find a camera, but were having no luck. We finally walked into what was an underground mall almost and my mom say cameras in one area. 

“Here!” She practically ran over to them and started asking the worker questions about the cameras, their batteries, charging them, etc. all in English and the worker spoke only French. I walked over to them and suddenly the French I had barely learned in school came in handy and I was speaking to him about the cameras. I couldn’t speak about the batteries, or charging, or all the other questions my mom had, but I could talk price. About 15 minutes later we were walking out with a brand new pink camera and my mom was once again ready to hit the town. 

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