Our mother and daughter trips skipped one beat, but resumed without any conversation of the trip that I had skipped previously. 

Before my parents divorced they had planned that for my 16th birthday my mom would take me to Paris and my mom didn’t let our new life ruin that. However, my birthday is smack dab at the beginning of the second semester, so my mom planned two weeks in France and Spain over Christmas. We left for Paris on the 23rd with a whole itinerary of once in a lifetime experiences ahead of us. 

I was dreading it and couldn’t be more excited at the same time. Two weeks. Two weeks without Jake. Two weeks in Europe. It was the trip of a lifetime but I still wanted to spend my days with Jake. To me, the real tragedy here would be that I couldn’t text or talk to him the entire time I was gone. 

Leading up to the trip Jake and I spent every moment we could together. In between classes, at lunch, on the weekends, where he was, I was. The only thing he ever said about the trip was that he would miss me, but he was excited for me to go. It made it harder to leave, he was so wonderful. 

It was a couple of days before we were scheduled to leave and I was talking to my mom asking her if I would be able to talk to Jake while we were gone. I knew the answer, but I thought maybe just maaayyybe there would be a new answer this time. There wasn’t. She told me that our phones wouldn’t work and the cost of using a phone if we even could would be way too much money. She did however, say that we could get a prepaid phone card that worked internationally. This way she could talk to my brother and I could talk to Jake. 

I was officially thrilled and was now excited to go and only sad that I would miss Jake. I would get to talk to him though, and that was enough. 

Our flight was from DIA, which meant we had to drive an hour and a half to get to the airport. It wasn’t until we were driving that the sadness of missing Jake really hit me. I was staring out the window looking at the fields and mountains sweeping passed me and frantically texting Jake since these were the last minutes I had to really talk to him. My mom was playing whatever music she was into that day, but it was really background noise as I lived in my own little world. 

We got to the airport, made our way through security, and were sitting at our gate when my phone pinged. 

Have you heard “Watching Airplanes by Gary Allen?” I put it on the playlist I made you. 

He had made me a playlist full of music he introduced me to, and some I already loved. 

Chris LeDoux
Look At You Girl
Tougher Than The Rest 
Western Skies

Gary Allen
Watching Airplanes

George Strait
Carrying Your Love With Me
Check Yes or No

Billy Currington
Good Directions
Must Be Doing Something Right

I quickly moved the cursor to Watching Airplanes and listened to it as I looked out at our plane taxi in full of previous travelers. I had never in my life wanted to go back home as badly as that moment, but Paris waits for no one. 

Jake and I talked up until the flight attendant told everyone to power down their electronics. It felt like cutting off a life line. 

I have to go. Plane is taking off. I’ll call you when I can. I love you. 

Don’t worry about calling, if you can that’s great. Just have fun. I love you. See you soon baby. 

I sniffled just a little as I tried with all my might to hold back the Niagra Falls of tears that was forming behind my eyes and powered down my phone. 

It was time to get excited about Paris. It was going to be great. Jake would be there when I got back. I just had to keep telling myself that. It was going to be great. 

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