The second the bell rang I felt my phone vibrate. 

Meet me at my locker. 

I loved my cell phone and today, I loved it a little more as it became a life line to one the person I needed.

I walked over to his locker not even dropping off my books. I needed to see him. There he was standing next to his blonde friend, I saw him get car keys from the blonde and hustled over to him. I walked straight into his chest and threw my arms around his torso. Jake flung his arms around me. 

“It’s ok. It’s ok.” He whispered in my ear. “I love you. Let’s go.”

We walked to the blondes car, just the two of us while I recounted exactly what happened with Jed as I played with the sleeves on my sweater. 

“What is wrong with him?” He asked. 

I laughed, that was a loaded question and he didn’t really realize how loaded it was. 

“I can’t have everyone know. I just, I can’t. What am I supposed to do?” 

“He won’t say anything.” He said looking my dead in the eyes. “Don’t worry about this.” 

“Ok,” I trusted him. I didn’t know how he was going to stop Jed but if he said he wouldn’t say anything then I was sure Jed wouldn’t. 

We ate our lunch like normal, laughing and talking. There were three classes left for the day and he said that we would meet up after school. We drove back to school and I was calm and ready to go back to classes. Everything was ok. We parked the car and walked hand in hand back to school, Jake walked me to my next class, kissed me outside of the classroom and said “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” A smile broke my mouth and I walked into the classroom. 

After every class for the rest of the day I was greeted at the door by one of Jake’s friends who walked with me to my next class. 

“Jake said some douchebag was bothering you. Fuck that.” the blonde boy said as he escorted me to my next class. 

“Thanks for walking me.” 

“Of course!” He sped off to his class. 

After the last class of the day I walked out and saw Jake. 

“Oh hello,” he smiled. 

“Hi,” I said giving him a huge hug. 

“Now, where is this Jed character?” Jake said as he scanned the hallway.

“I don’t know.” 

We started walking towards my locker. It was safe with Jake around. I was protected. I had my hand in his and felt like nothing could bother me. Then I saw him, Jed was right in our way, I must’ve squeezed Jake’s hand without even realizing it. 

“That him?” He looked down at me.

“Yes,” I muttered and before I finished the word, his hand had left mine. 

“Hey Jed! I hear we have a problem.” Jake was walking straight towards him with purpose and authority. 

“We don’t have a problem. I have a problem with her.” Jed pointed at me as he said it. 

“What’s your problem with Tori?” Jake was now only a couple feet away from him and Jed was backed against the lockers. 

“I’m sure you don’t know how sick she is. Do you know what she does to herself?” Jed looked from Jake to me as he spoke. 

“What does that have to do with you?”

“Well I dated her, so I know what she does. There’s no way you know what she does.”

“It’s not your business. It’s her business.”

“So you know that she cuts her wrists? There’s no way you know because you say you love her.” The word love was seeping with disgust. “Everyone should know what she really does.”

I had been standing several feet away just watching the interaction and Jed’s eyes flitter between Jake and me. Suddenly, before Jed could finish his last sentence, Jake pushed him against the lockers. 

I jumped at the physical connection. I didn’t think Jake would fight him.

Jake had Jed pinned to the lockers with one hand on his chest pushing him back and the other resting right next to his head. 

“You will not share anything about Tori. Her name will not leave your mouth.” Jake was almost screaming at him at this point. 

“Fuck You!” Jed yelled and swung a punch towards Jake. 

Jake didn’t take that well. He lifted his hand and made a fist. I saw him lift his fist and ran towards him, but I didn’t make it in time, Jake punched him square in the jaw and the two of them started swinging at each other.

Luckily, I was small, so I got in between them easily. 

“STOP” I screamed. I didn’t want Jake to get in trouble, no matter how much I loved watching Jed squirm. 

I pushed them apart with all the strength I had. 

“He isn’t worth it! He isn’t worth it!” I grabbed Jake’s hand and starting pulling him away. 

Jake let me lead him away from Jed, turned around, looked at him and said, “Don’t let her name leave your mouth.” 

“There’s no way you love her. She is disgusting.” Jed screamed at our backs. 

“You’re disgusting.” Jake said to him turned looked down at me and said “I love you.” Then kissed me as we started to walk away. 

“I love you too.” I looked up at Jake and never looked back at Jed. I couldn’t believe Jake just fought him. I was in shock, but I felt safe. I was protected and there was no way that Jed was going to bother me again. Not after he had his ass handed to him so easily. 

3 thoughts on “Dear I Never Said Thank You…

  1. Jake had an entourage of buddies, a squad actually. When he could not be present his buddies would stand in for him and stand up for his girlfriend. Apparently, Jake was a fierce friend! Thus, in Jake’s absence, his friends to the rescue.


    1. 100% he surrounded himself with good friends and good people. Kind people tend to have kind friends. Without even telling them why, they stood up and helped him no questions asked. ❤️ Always love your comments Honey! ❤️❤️❤️


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