The group of girls that I spent the football games with were the same that I spent lunch with. They were the girls I played softball with and now that I was my own person I was starting to actually have them as real friends. We would actually hang out outside of the school grounds. The guys in the group included James, the beefy lacrosse player that I had friended before high school and ran to when Jed and I broke up. It was a good group of people. 

Softball and the group of friends I made through it was by far one of the best things about high school. I loved everything about the sport, my glove was an extension of my body, and Kristen felt the same.

That night I went over to Kristen’s house to get ready for the football game. Kristen and I had become close friends. She was confident and funny and weird all in one and I was weird and getting confident so we worked well together. We were both the best players on our softball team, not to brag, and bonded over our love of the game. She also had a crush on James and I could tell by the way he acted around her it wouldn’t be long before they were dating. 

I sat in Kristen’s room, which was every Disney Channel watching teenager’s dream room. It was a deep shade of purple with magazine print outs covering the walls, on one wall a mural of different clothes and models, on another posters of cute boys, she had a big standing mirror with twinkle lights surrounding it, a beanbag chair in the left corner, and clothes were always everywhere. It was how I envisioned my room looking when I was younger, but my room stayed the same, I just got bigger. 

“Are you going to wear his jersey?” She asked gigling. 

“Yeah! I can’t believe I am wearing a foootttball player’s jersey!” I squealed. It didn’t matter that a piece of toast and I could have had a better lunch, it was still thrilling. 

“I can’t believe you are wearing one. That’s so coooollll.” She pranced around the room looking at her clothes. Ugh, I have nothing to wear she said as she threw more clothes out of her closet and onto her floor. “It’s cold too, so that ruins that whole outfit I had planned.” 

“It’s going to be cold?!” I asked her alarmed as I held up the jersey. It was extremely thin with tiny holes all over it, so that the football players wouldn’t overheat I assumed, but I was surely going to freeze. 

“Yeah. I guess I’ll wear my sweatshirt” she looked at me as she pulled her sweatshirt over her head. 

I have never been one to look at the weather before getting ready, I’m getting better now, but the only thing I had to wear that night was the jersey. I was going to freeze. 

“Borrow something of mine.” She said seeing me eye the jersey and obviously look nervous. 

“But I am supposed to wear his jersey.”

“UNDER the jersey, silly.” She looked at me and laughed in a kind way but also a way that suggested I had never in fact thought outside of any box. 

“Oh, ok! Thanks!” I said as I started to rummage through the clothing she had thrown all over her bed and floor.  “I like this,” I held up an orange and purple striped long sleeve shirt with a hood and plunging v-neck. 

“Try it on” 

I slipped it on over my head, it fit like a glove. I loved it. I then piled the jersey ontop, which quickly sunk to right above my knees. 

“Uhhh.” I turned to look at her laughing. I had been swallowed by a football jersey. 

“Oh my gosh. You look like a toddler!” Kristen bent over laughing with me. 

“What do I do?” I asked through my laughter. 

“Here.” She came to my rescue with a hair tie, grabbed a corner of the jersey, balled it up tightly against my left hip and knotted it with a hair tie. 

I looked in the mirror and much to my relief, I looked normal again. The jersey was tied against my hip and the orange and purple striped shirt shot out from underneath the arms while the hood rest right above his numbers. 


“Let’s go!” 

And together we made out way to the football game. Kristen excited to see James, me just excited to be going with friends. Wearing a jersey was pretty cool though. All the girlfriends of football players wore their away jerseys at the games. NOT that we were dating, but I still felt cool. 

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