Jed, Andre, and Josh were all suspended from playing two basketball games. That’s it, but they were pissed. 

“Why did you lie to them?” Jed stomped over to me sitting on the step.”And now you’re friends with Derek? Who even are you?”

“You know I never asked you to do anything. I like Derek we are friends.” 

“You ruined my season. You selfish bitch. You ruined everything. You only care about yourself. I hate you.” 

I sat there and stared at him. What was happening? He was so mad at me, but I wasn’t backing down. 

“I can’t believe you. You are disgusting. I never want to be around you.”

Did he just break up with me? 

“Everyone already knows that you gave it up to me, and your long sleeves aren’t fooling anyone. But I can’t be with someone who would lie like that. We are done. You are going to be alone, I’m not going to protect you anymore.”

“Fine.” I said starting to cry for the second time that day. 

“Crying isn’t going to make me care. You’re such a fucking bitch,” he said as he turned and walked away from me. 

I didn’t know what to do. I was alone, but I was also free. He left me. I ran over to the other red haired boy from the group that I had spent summer  before freshman year with, James. I went directly into his chest and gave him a hug. “Jed broke up with me” I sobbed into his chest. 

“That’s ok.” He said as he patted my back confused by my sudden interaction with him after such a long break. 

“Want to walk to class?” I asked surprisingly chipper for someone who was just broken up with. 

“Sure, let’s go.” He was apprehensive but was always there for everyone else. 

I walked to class with James, and suddenly I wasn’t looking at the floor between classes. I wasn’t looking out for Jed around every corner. 

The friends I talked to in class, I was walking with them in the hallways, and even texting with them at night. 

I was finally free. 

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