It was Saturday morning and we were going to Castle Rock to meet Grant. Jed, his mom, and I were going to spend the day at Grant’s house and I couldn’t wait to meet the person who was Jed’s best friend, and therefore would become my friend too. 

It was a long drive in the tan minivan to Castle Rock with Jed’s mom screaming and crying on the phone in the driver’s seat and Jed and I texting back and forth so that we wouldn’t interrupt her, but could talk.

After what seemed like forever, we reached Grant’s house. He came running out to see Jed and Jed’s face lit up with joy as his smile reached ear from ear to see his friend. I crawled out of the car and came over to be introduced. 

Grant and Jed could not have been more different. The 6’4” red-headed Jed towered over the 5’4” brown-haired Grant. Jed, while gangly and tall, was athletic and you could tell he had athletic ability and was strong. Grant looked as though he had no athletic ability. It was an unexpected contrast. 

I didn’t understand how they were friends at first. It looked like a cat and dog who were best friends. Then they started talking and it all made sense. They played paintball and video games together and got along in those aspects. 

Soon, these trips to Castle Rock became a regular Saturday endeavor. I would pile in Jed’s mom’s minivan, wait for us to arrive and Grant’s house and then watch them play paintball or video games all day until we drove back to Colorado Springs and I would get home exhausted from being bored all day. 

It’s not that I didn’t get along with Grant, I did, but I was not a paintballer or video gamer, so there wasn’t much for us to talk about. I played paintball with them once, but they said it was better for me to just watch (probably because I was actually decent at it.) So my Saturdays were watching, watching them hang out, and if I was lucky watching a movie with them in Grant’s home theater. 

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