Starting high school was nerve wracking but exciting. I had dreamed of high school, I had watched all the teenage high school romantic movies, I was caught up on Disney Channel’s high school life and I knew it was a magical place. 

Everyone in high school was “All in this together” and I fully believed that I was Gabriella to Jed’s Troy. The only difference between us and them was that I was not musically inclined and neither was Jed and we wouldn’t be participating in any school plays separately or together. He would be on the varsity basketball team though and I did have long brown hair, so the similarities were extreme. 

I woke up for the first day of school extra early with a bundle of nerves in my stomach. The outfit of jeans, t-shirt with roses, brown belt, and tennis shoes didn’t scream first day of high school quite like I wanted. So, it was time to go through my closet and find the real perfect outfit. It only took taking all of my clothes out of my closet to find the best outfit. The same jeans that I had already picked out, a black v-neck (I really liked v-necks and what  were these new C-cups good for if not to show off), a brown belt (yes I mixed brown and black), and tennis shoes. So, really I spent an enormous amount of time just to change the shirt that I was planning to wear. 

I didn’t know how to do my hair in anything other than blown dried or in a ponytail. So blown dried, which meant straight and frizzy,  it was. It fell right below my collar bone and frizzed at every angle because product and straighteners were a foreign concept to me. I did, however, know how to do make up. I had a whole bag full of makeup I had purchased from Walgreens. My foundation was an orange mouse that came in a small jar and I thought I knew how to cover my face properly. This meant jawline to hair line covered in orange mouse. I added red blush to my cheeks, put black eyeliner encircling my entire eyes like a racoon, added a dark brown eyeshadow, and piled on the mascara. I looked fantastic. My head was a different color than the rest of my body, but I didn’t notice. 

My mom pulled up to school and I got out of the car with all the fake confidence of a freshman girl who thought she had it all figured out, I walked into the building, and found my locker. Things were great. High school was great. The upperclassmen were gorgeous adults whisking by me having conversations about the parties they had spent their summer going to, or where they parked their car. How cooool. 

I was stuffing my locker waiting for Jed to show up. I wanted everyone’s first impression of new and improved high school Tori to be me attached to the tall wonderful man that was my boyfriend. I was a new Tori. I needed to make a statement. 

Photo by Quenani Leal on

Don’t worry, pictures with faces are coming.

It wasn’t long until he came up behind me, gave me a hug, and  KISSED me. I hope everyone saw that. I thought as we pulled away from each other. It was exactly everything I had hoped for. 

There was one problem that I couldn’t be planned for. Jed was 6’4” and I was (and am 5’6”) tops. So, my head landed perfectly on his chest when we hugged. I loved this, I felt tiny in his arms, just like I always imagined hugging your boyfriend would be. I had never noticed before, but this time, when he pulled away after our hug I hadn’t been prepared for  my entire face of makeup would come off on his shirt. Yup, it didn’t matter if no one saw us hug and kiss, they would know that we were dating because the left side of my face, was plastered on his white t-shirt. 

Great start….

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