To be prepared for high school, Megan and I needed to taste alcohol. We needed to get drunk, we knew that other kids were drinking, in fact some were already partying, and we needed to make sure we were ready for high school in every way. 

We had gone on vacation – story to tell to make others jealous, check. 

We had boyfriends, obvious check. 

We had clothes that fit and were not terribly unattractive, check. 

Experience drinking, nope. This must be fixed. 

Now Megan and I spent almost every night together, we were together basically 24/7, so it would be simple to plan a sleepover, we would just have a normal night. Now, what house should we go to? That was easy to, we never stayed at her house, in fact I had only been inside her house once or twice so it was between my mom and dad. My mom liked to stay up with us all night and randomly check in on us. She liked to be “one of the girls” and talk to us about her sex life (with my dad) which was more and more detailed with each glass of wine, and she never left us alone. My dad on the other hand, he went to bed early and he left us completely alone. So the choice was really made for us. Dad’s house it was. 

It was a typical night at my dad’s house for us, we spent the night texting our boyfriends, changing our MySpace information, and giggling about who knows what. My dad went to bed, and we waited a couple of hours to ensure he wasn’t going to come check on us before we grabbed his bottle of tequila. (SORRY DAD).  We were doing it. We were drinking and going to get drunk. We passed the bottle between the two of us, each of us taking what couldn’t even qualify as a sip from the bottle (I’m talking we probably got two or three DROPS of alcohol each swig). After passing the bottle three or four times between the two of us, we decided we were drunk, when in fact I can promise you we were stone cold sober. 

We walked around the room pretending like we were falling over, laughing at every little thing, and calling the third girl in our group who was against us drinking and leaving obnoxious voicemails. We had seen enough tv shows and movies to know how to pretend. 

My dad kept planning fun things for us all to do as a family, I think he was trying to have us bond and get used to the new normal, but most the time it just felt as forced as it was. 

However, my dad had planned something very cool for us to do the say after Megan and I got “drunk.” We were going to drive go karts, which would be the first time we would be driving. Another great opportunity to go to high school with a cool story and something that other people in our grade hadn’t done. Driven. We were on the fast track to being the coolest girls in our grade. 

We woke up the next morning, feeling fine, and both looked at each other and pretended like we were in extreme physical pain. Our poor heads! How would we recover?! I was not about to be the one to admit that we in fact did not get drunk, it was an important milestone and I needed it.  

Megan and I were ready for high school and the checklist proved it. 

Vacation, which means great stories – check 

Boyfriends – check 

Been drunk – check 

Driven a “car”- check

High school was next and we were ready. 

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