Our group of three couples was great. Not only did I have a boyfriend, but one of the girls,. Megan, the one with her cool sister’s style, and I had actually become best friends. Really, we spent everyday together. We already were spending our days with each other and the group, but we started to spend time outside of our group time together. 

She spent the night at my house, mom or dad’s, we were inseparable.

My dad was planning a trip for us to go to Phoenix, him, my brother, me, and his new fiancé, Heather, would join us for part of it. I was dreading it. I had friends real friends and I was going to have to leave them to go to Phoenix with my family and do what? Perhaps I didn’t hide my please don’t make me do this from my dad, but he offered to let Megan come with us. Now, not only did I have friends, but I had a friend that was coming on a vacation with us. My coolmeter had gone from loser to completely full and spilling over. I LOVED it.

It was Megan’s first time flying and it was my first time having a friend on vacation. It was all very exciting. 

Megan was dating the brown haired boy from our group, Max. So naturally our conversations revolved almost solely around our boyfriends and how great they were. We talked as though our relationships were going to last forever, no really, weddings were planned. Mine was going to be on a beach. Oh to be 13 again. 

We laid by the pool and even though we were obviously with our soul mates, we couldn’t help but notice the older boys that were playing volleyball in the pool. We would join them and then lay out on our beach chairs and tan. It should have all been very boring all we did was talk about our boyfriends, what high school would be like, and lay by the pool, but it was wonderful. This is what being grown up felt like. 

Now remember, Megan had a cooler older sister, she was in her 20s which meant she had already been through high school. She had assured us that people did in fact drink and party and talked about made the entire experience seem glamorous and filled with fun, friends, and full blown amazement. Naturally, we needed to prepare for such an event. We needed to know how to drink so we could go to the parties and not make fools of ourselves. There was one problem, we were 13. Our way around this? We would go to the bar at the pool and order virgin pina coladas; but, and this was the clever part we would shake our head no when we said virgin and nod our head yes when we said pina colada. It was brilliant and it never worked. 

After Heather left Phoenix my dad planned to take all of us to the Grand Canyon. It sounded fun enough I guess. We were going to stay at the Grand Canyon for a night and hike it one day. We were excited enough to go, as excited as two 13 year-olds who didn’t care about it at all could be, but we were going. We were tan enough from the pool, always sober, and we could talk about our boyfriends anywhere. 

The drive to the Grand Canyon was long, but my dad played our music requests, I’m sure to his extreme dismay, but it made the trip fun as we sang along in the back seat. The one thing the music couldn’t fix, no cell service. Yup. We were suddenly not able to text our boyfriends. It was the end of the world and misery loved both of our company. We went to our cabin that night and kept telling each other, “It’s just one night. Tomorrow we see the Grand Canyon, and then we go back to civilization and can talk to Max and Jed again. It’s just one night.” 

My brother and I exploring the Grand Canyon. Megan must have been off to the side. Look how I genuinely enjoyed something so amazing even though I had no cell service. Now imagine how big that smile would have been if I could have explored the Grand Canyon with my friend AND texted my boyfriend.

Believe it or not, we survived the night without cell phone service, and the next day we went see the Grand Canyon and hike some of the cliffs. It was actually incredible and we both loved it, but couldn’t let anyone know, we needed to be miserable and get back to cell service. 

After a day of exploring, not miserably, but pretending to be, we were heading back to the real world with cell phone service. We also needed to hatch a new plan on how we were going to drink before we got to high school because our clever head movements got us exactly nowhere.

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