To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how I made friends with this group of people. If you have read my previous posts, you probably noticed the lack of real friends. Boys I stalked, check, family, had that, friends that I forced myself on, check, but really there were no real friends . That’s not an accident. I was awkward and dramatic. I had a hard time finding friends and a harder time keeping them. Then, suddenly I found myself entwined with a group of friends. 

There were six of us, an even wonderful number, and we were inseparable. It was the summer before high school and we spent the days at the pool, at each other’s houses, jumping on trampolines, going to movies, you know, normal 13 year-old activities. 

Oh, I should mention that I got my braces off at the beginning of this summer too, I dyed my hair brown, and wore clothes that fit. I finally looked decent and had some resemblance of self-confidence

So, life was really great. 

The six of us were a great pair. Three girls and three  boys. Two of the boys were tall, and had red hair. One was slightly taller and a little more gangly than the other. He was a basketball player and a good one at that. The other red-headed boy was built stronger, he was more muscular and was a great football and lacrosse player. The third boy had brown hair, was of average height and build, and was a great lacrosse player. They were all funny and kind and a great trio. 

The girls, we were all different. One had long natural brown hair, was tall and skinny, and had the style of her older cool sister. Another was around my height, had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and knew exactly who she was. She was unapologetically athletic, a hippy, and wise beyond her years. She always had the best advice. Then there was me, no longer with braces, wearing clothes that fit, with brown hair that had the texture of real hair. Plus, my boobs were really coming in hot this summer. I mean I was now a C cup. We were quite the group. 

On a summer trip to Dallas with my dad and brother, we visited my aunt and went to Six Flags. You can tell by my tan lines, that I had been spending many hours at the pool. but also notice the brown hair flowing in the wind, see no longer blonde. While this picture doesn’t quite capture how gorgeous I thought I looked, or show me with my friends. This picture absolutely needs to be shared and enjoyed and does show what I was talking about with my new found looks.

Now, obviously my hormones were still crazy. They were in overdrive and I was still desperate for a boyfriend. The six of us hung out all the time but I found myself flirting with the basketball player, Jed. I think it was his basketball skills that really attracted me to him, he was a shoe-in for varsity, and WHAT TEENAGE LOVE STORY WAS I LIVING IN THAT I WOULD BE DATING A VARSITY SPORT PLAYER AS A FRESHMAN?

So, I flirted with Jed and he flirted back. Soon, when we would be walking to the pool or a friend’s house my hand was engulfed in his. When we watched tv or movies I would lay my head on his shoulder and he would place an arm around me. Every touch, every time his fingers grazed mine, my whole body tingled. 

It wasn’t long until we were texting all day and night. His family was going through a divorce and I had just been through that. I had learned not to be too crazy from my crazy reaction to Jake that drove him away. I kept our conversations light and fun hearted, with sage guidance on how to be pissed at your parents for divorcing.

Soon, the group of six became a group of three couples, because hormones. 

The summer was flying  by, and I loved every second of it, it seemed magic. I had a boyfriend. He was athletic, he really liked me, and my hair was finally not fried straw but luscious brown hair. It could only go up from here.

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