8th grade was relatively uneventful. There are two strong memories I have from 8th grade. The first day and the day I got caught hiding my report card. We’ll start with the  first day. 

I was starting 8th grade, I had a grade schedule, I had a boyfriend thank you very much, and obviously I was massively cool because 8th grade, boyfriend, and my friends from summer = coolness. 

I couldn’t sleep the night before school started. I was too excited. I knew that every girl was going to see Pearson and have a massive crush on him and then I would show up and he would hold my hand and boy oh boy would I be popular and the envy of the girls. Yup the stars were all aligned. I knew exactly how I was going to surprise Pearson too on our first day. We had our locker assignments and I knew were his was, I was going to come up behind him cover his eyes and say, “Guess Who?” and he would be so excited it was me. It was just like all the romantic comedies I had watched when my “friends” were too busy being friends without me (or I was watching my brother). 

I have no pictures of me starting 8th grade, and that is completely fine with me. So, here is a picture of me that still gives you an image of what I was dealing with here.

That morning I pulled on my jeans (you guessed it, still too small), added a black belt with silver studs all around it, pulled on a white tank top and them pulled a horizontal stripe v-neck on top of it. My hair was yellow and like straw from all the bleach and the sun and my braces were shiny as ever. Now this outfit was bad, but not as bad as my” ironic t-shirts, large bell bottoms, half sleeves stapled to the my ironic t-shirt phase in 6th grade” bad. My body was busting at every seam of this outfit as they screamed “JUST BUY A BIGGER SIZE.” I was mixing a preppy v-neck with a punk rock belt separated by my love handles that didn’t fit into my pants. I looked awesome. I swear I really thought this. The plan was set. Pearson would be thrilled to see me. We would be the hottest couple in the school and I was about to be envied by all the girls. 

As I walked up behind Pearson, who was shoving books into his locker, a small voice in the back of my head told me to maybe just say hi, but this was no time to divert from my amazing plan. Now was not the time for cold feet. I slid my hands over his eyes and said, “Guess Who!” There was an audible sigh in response. Pearson turned, looked me in the eyes and said, “Hi, Tori. We need to talk.” 

“Ok!” I thought we were going to talk about where we were going to sit at lunch. Or should I walk on his right side of his left side? Which hand was he going to hold his books with and which hand would he hold mine with? 

“I  don’t want to date you anymore.” That’s it. That’s all he said. You would think from all the romantic comedies I watched, that I would know what “We need to talk” meant. 

“Don’t be silly!” I said laughing. This HAD to be a joke. 8th grade technically hadn’t started yet. He hadn’t held my hand. I had covered his eyes and flirtedly said, “Guess Who” I was a prep punk perfect girlfriend. 

“Look, I like Hayley and we are going to start dating. It was fun.” and he walked off like he had not just left my heart in my butt. 

My perfect plan had backfired.

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