I didn’t actually think he would show up, why would he? Plus, I thought that being laid back and relaxed would look good, rather than too dolled up. I did, however, know that I should change out of my ice cream sweats, so I went to change. As the new comfortable shirt fell over my head, the doorbell rang. Shit. I could feel my heart throughout my body. I didn’t just have “I’m seeing a cute boy butterflies” I had those mixed with, “I’m breaking the rules” (Sorry Mom!) butterflies. Every muscle in my body was twitching with excitement and nervousness. Nervous leg had nothing on my body. 

I answered the door, said hello, and awkwardly invited them in. Jake and his friend, Ned, said hi and walked through the door. They thanked me for having them over like I was throwing a formal dinner party. I offered to give them a tour of the house as I had seen my mom do when she had people over, and Ned said he just wanted to watch TV. I showed them to our living room, with the biggest TV and told Ned how to work the remote. Ned sat down and Jake said he would like to continue the tour, so we walked into the butler’s pantry. (Yes, that’s what it was called). It was a large square room with a wall of cabinets a sink on one side of the room, and a pantry and fridge on the other side. Jake asked me why it was called a butler’s pantry in a horrible fake fancy British accent. To which I replied that I had absolutely no idea, but that was what my mom called it. He laughed and I just looked at him. He was gorgeous. He was tall, and had brown curly hair with big brown eyes, he was athletic, but not overly muscular, and when he smiled his mouth was just slightly crooked. He had three freckles on his left eyelid that started at the end of his eyebrow and formed a line to the corner of his eye. But mostly, he was kind and funny and something about him felt right. I wasn’t nervous around him, the muscle twitching and butterflies had moved only to my stomach. 

The tour stopped there as I stood against the wall of cabinets and we talked about nothing and everything. I told him about my parents and my mom, he told me about his family and plans for the summer. I told him that my brother would be home soon, and he asked why that mattered. He was standing very close to me and man, did he smell great. I was leaning against the cabinets and if I moved forward at all, I would bump him. I could feel his heat on me. 

The talking slowed down to more casual chatter. He leaned forward and placed his hands on the counter behind me, one on each side of me. I had never stood this close to a boy before that wasn’t on a dare. It was intoxicating. I was looking up into his eyes and I was stuck. I had seen this moment in movies, the moment right before the kiss. The moment where the conversation slows down, the boy leans in, the girl looks at him longingly and then they kiss as if they have been waiting to kiss their entire lives. This was that moment. I was living in that moment. It didn’t seem to take this long for the kiss to happen in the movies though. Maybe I was crazy and he wasn’t going to kiss me but I just killed the conversation. Perhaps he thought I was funnier than I was and he was bored and just staring at me wondering why he was here. Why was he here? That’s when he leaned in and closed his eyes. I closed mine, waiting for my movie moment, but following suit to the awkward life I live, the doorbell rang and I jumped and my head hit his nose. Not in a funny romantic comedy way where it hurts or he gets a bloody nose but it’s funny anyway, in a my head hit his nose, he said shit, and my heart was beating faster than ever way. 

My brother was home. My brother, the rat, was home. No way could he see people in the house, he would tell my mom, just in a story like it’s a casual thing, even if I threatened his life, he would still mention it. It’s not that he would mean to get me in trouble, but he wouldn’t think about it at all. 

Me and my little brother that summer. Look how I smoother him with love. Sorry for tricking you, Luke, but I needed to see Jake and, honestly, I regret nothing. Well, I somewhat regret the outfit, but it was very on brand.

“You have to go! My brother is home. Get out.” I was shoving him towards the TV and Ned as I spoke. 

He protested, not at the leaving but at the shoving and my anxiety. 

“Ok. Ok. We will go.” 

“Out the back through the yard. Now.” I opened the door and gestured the way. 

He didn’t take another second to think or say anything. Jake and Ned left without looking back. I took a couple deep breaths praying that my heart rate would go back to normal, while the doorbell kept ringing. Guess there is no time to wait. So, I answered the door and welcomed my brother home, thanked his mom’s friend for driving him and moved him to the kitchen to do his homework.

My heart-rate was normal, everything was over, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Jake. He was going to kiss me. It wouldn’t be my first kiss, but it would be my first not Truth or Dare kiss. My first REAL kiss. That should have been on my mind, but it wasn’t. Jake was. Jake and his crooked smile and awful British accent was on my mind. I suppose I was on his too, because it took what felt like no time at all for him to text me. 

I really wanted to kiss you. Thanks for having us over. Let’s hang out sometime. 

Really? You did? 

I ignored the rest of his message. I thought I was playing cute and coy. The whole, Oh who? Me? No, way act that seems to be loved in romantic comedies. 

Yes. Can I come back? 

No. My brother is here. Sorry. I wish you could. 

Just for a second. Just come outside. 

Ok, just a second. I’ll meet you at the side gate. 


I put on the tv and gave my brother a snack. I knew that would occupy him. Honestly, he wouldn’t notice if I was gone until he needed something, but still I couldn’t chance it. 

“I’m going to take the puppy out. I’ll be back.”

He waved his hand in the air, “Ok,” he said without breaking his glance at the tv. 

I walked outside to the side yard where I said I would meet him and sure enough, he was there. 


“Hi,” I replied. God he was cute. 

Then without warning he kissed me. In my mind it lasted forever, but really it probably lasted 5 seconds. I pushed him off and said he had to go, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I could feel it all the way in my toes. I wasn’t walking on a cloud or floating, My entire body was happy. Every cell was smiling. 

He said ok and turned to leave as I picked up the puppy and walked back to the house. It wasn’t until that moment that I looked down and noticed chocolate ice cream stains all over my pants. Of course I thought. I finally get kissed and it is by a gorgeous, tall, older boy and my accidental capri chick covered sweatpants are coated in chocolate ice cream. 

It didn’t seem to matter to him though, but I would ruin it…

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